Irons in the Fire

It's funny trying to be a successful entrepreneur. It's not a job, and it's not freelancing. It's something else. It's building something from nothing. It's taking what's in my mind and making it real, tangible. I think it's as much a creative endeavor as painting, sculpting, or any other artistic pursuit.

There are three things that are taking up all my time lately.

Life on Bitcoin - This project is finally getting finished and released. It's being color corrected, sound sweetened, and the score is being added right now. We locked the edit just a couple weeks ago. I'm thrilled to have completed my first feature film. It took longer and was harder than I thought, but totally worth it. Watch out trailer, and come to a screening.

Pocket Film Fest - We launched the fest last year on little more than an idea and a lot of excitement. It went better than we could have hoped. It was a ton of work, and there were a few sleepless nights in there, but we're building something I've very proud of. The fest this year will be bigger and better in every way. Jason van Genderen of the Pocket Film Academy is coming from Sydney Australia. Studio C will be there. We'll have a ton of prizes and amazing films. You should come. AND, you can now listen to the Pocket Films Podcast (launched today). 

Shadowcast - Like the first two ventures on this list, this is starting out as a simple idea. It's an idea I've had for years, but like I've mentioned before, ideas without work don't go far. I'm finally working on this, and I think there's never been a better time to bring this particular idea to life. Interested in a sneak peak? You can watch the pitch I gave for StartMadness, my pitch to investors, and if you've read this far, I think you can check out the demo video we're working on to announce the product.

I'm pretty happy to be working on so many projects that I love and care about. Now to make them profitable. Upward and onward.