ShadowcastVR in the Start Madness Pitch Competition

The the encouragement of smart friends, I entered into the Start Festival's pitch competition, Start Madness.  So late on Monday night, I made a 60 second video. 

I've been dreaming of this product for at least 6 years, and fully expected somebody else to bring it to market. But I haven't seen it. So if nobody else will, I will.

I've had a hard time explaining this to people, because it really requires demonstration.

I'm glad to see that people responding. As of this writing, it's leading the popular vote.

I've seen this as a gaming console, an arcade in your pocket, but that won't and can't be the only use case. We need killer apps. My mind was blown last week when my friend Jason at Klugonyx suggested it'd make a fantastic heads-up display, or HUD, for car navigation. What an awesome idea. Now to build it.

If you have other ideas, observations, concerns, questions, etc., I'd love to hear them.

And if you could help by voting daily, I'd much appreciate it. I'll even remind you via email daily, if you'll oblige

Thanks team. Let's build something awesome together.