Writing, acting, directing, producing, and general creative development focused on reaching a wide audience.
I work with small, dedicated, inventive teams to discover new techniques with new tools.
My interests are broad, and I'm always looking for new possibilities.

I worked with a brilliant team to build the Orabrush brand from no sales online or offline to millions of brushes sold in tens of thousands of stores in hundreds of countries.

Our entire strategy was founded on YouTube video.
In early 2015, Orabrush was acquired and became a Dentek brand.

Kudos for this accomplishment also go to colleagues at the Harmon Brothers, Ackermania Creative, and Molio.

For the first three months of our post-honeymoon life, my dazzling wife and I lived on the crypto-currency Bitcoin for every living expense. That includes gas, rent, groceries, insurance, entertainment, and travel.

We crowdfunded a documentary film about the experiment. 
It was an amazing experience that took us around the world. I'm excited to release the film in 2015.

I co-founded and organized the Pocket Film Fest, the festival of mobile made films.

Our vision is simple. Great films come from invention, creativity, and story. We want to see what happens when everybody, from the seasoned film pro to the aspiring teen auteur, uses the gear we already have in our pocket. Whether it's a masterpiece filmed on iPod, a vision edited on Android, or an action-cam thrill ride, we want to see it. What can you do with the camera already in your pocket?

I'm always looking for new possibilities. If you're interested, and if I can make the time, I'd love to talk. 

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