Life on Bitcoin Premier and Encore Screening

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It was an eventful week last week. We premiered our movie. The world premier was a huge hit. On July 18th, we screened at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale California. An eager crowd turned out. The reception of the film was very positive, we're happy to say. We were thrilled to partner with the BitGive Foundation, with a portion of all proceeds going to their efforts to improve global health and the environment. We were also thrilled to have ChangeTip involved, who provided food and drinks, as well as their service that was perfect for tipping any and everyone involved at the premier. Just a few days later, we screened again, this time at the Internet Archive. The Archive is an incredible organization in an incredible space. Their aim is exactly what the name says: They intend to archive... the Internet. They're building the Library of Alexandria, 2.0. The setting is fitting to this lofty goal. They occupy an old Christian Science church in the Mission District of San Francisco. Beccy at Archive

After you've recovered from the stone columns and the open chapel space, complete with stained glass windows, you might be struck by another interesting thing at the archive. There are little statue people flanking both sides of the chapel. That's because the archive's founder, Brewster Kahle, wanted to commemorate all employees who have worked at the Archive for three years or more with their own likeness, in a four foot statue.
Internet Archive Little Poeple

Here is Brewster explaining why they do this.

We were thrilled to be at the Archive, and very excited again at the warm reception the film had. Brewster kicked things off with e brief introduction.
We had the help of, who sponsored the food and drinks. If you haven't tried them yet, I'll add my plug here. I ordered The Age of Cryptocurrency from from Purse as my first purchase, and when the book showed up, it was signed! Really awesome service, and if you're a regular Amazon user, they're very worth checking out.
We're so happy to get this movie in front of people. Stay tuned, friends. More screenings being lined up and announced soon, and before long, this film will be available to stream right into your home.

Thanks for helping make all this possible, team. We couldn't have done it without you, and our hope is that all our efforts combine to spread the promise of this technology. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for updates. More and better coming soon.