Recent Videos and Turning 33

Turning 33 years old wasn't an event I looked forward to. I didn't even think about it till it happened.

"What do you want to do for your birthday?" my wife would ask.

"I don't know", I'd say. "Haven't even thought about it." And that was the honest truth. I've got much more going on than mid-life mile markers. My wife and I had a quiet birthday together, and she got me the best present. It was thoughtful and personalized and something money can't buy. I recently took up metal detecting, and she found a plot of family land for me to hunt. It was farm land in the 1800s, and stands unoccupied now. I get to search it out all by myself, hopefully to find coins and artifacts. That may sound weird, but trust me, for a metal detectorist, that's a perfect gift.

A little while back I produced a video for Plugfones for the Kickstarter launch of their second product. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it was a successful campaign. They raised  $427,247 of their $35,000 goal.

This video is bittersweet for me. You might notice I acted in the piece myself a bit. I enlisted family and friends too. It was better to hire my brother-in-law with his chainsaw than an actor whose experience with dangerous equipment is questionable. The old man with the table saw is my father in law. He was a master craftsman with a full wood shop. When we finished filming, he mentioned that he was feeling a little under the weather. He passed away in his sleep that night from a previously undiagnosed heart condition. These are the last images of him, from his last day on earth. 

Credit to Eric Thayne of Celadora Studios and photographer Tyler Stevens for these images.


Besides that, most of my last several months have been occupied with a new project that we haven't announced yet. As far as my career work goes, this is something I'm more excited about than I have been for a long time. Stay tuned for the full reveal and debut this Fall.


But here is the best part of life lately; this little boy. We just celebrated Fathers Day, and it was my first as a father. This kiddo makes every day happier than it could be otherwise. He's bright and curious and good natured. He crawls and pulls himself up to standing and nothing beats his perfect laugh. He's the best, and I'm a very lucky dad.

More and better updates coming soon. Exciting things coming, personally and professionally. Thanks everyone.

P.S. This is my current listening obsession, recommended by That Audio Guy after working together last week in L.A. at Vidcon. Dude has very good taste in music.