The problem isn’t that plastic is evil. The problem is that plastic is forever.

#MyPlasticChallenge is proof you actually care. If you think plastic garbage is really a problem, and you want a real solution, prove it.

  1. Make a piece of plastic TRASH into something. Anything.

  2. Take a selfie-style picture of your Plastic Art.

  3. Post that picture with the hashtag and a CHALLENGE for three other people to do the same.

This isn’t about getting a bunch of people to do a bunch of random stuff.
It’s about evidence that people care. That you care. When enough people start talking about a problem, laws change, businesses change, and people change.

The problem gets solved.

It won’t happen overnight, but there are obvious things we can do right now. Today and every day. Like recycling, and using LESS plastic. The less we use, the less gets produced.

So take #myPlasticChallenge, and be part of the solution.


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