My acting and voice-over work has well over 75 million views on YouTube.
Those campaigns have millions more views on facebook, Kickstarter, and other platforms.
My writing, directing, and producing work account for additional millions.


My efforts in crowdfunding have collectively raised about $1.5 million in pre-sales, and many millions more after product launch.

I co-wrote, produced, and directed this video for Snappower. The brilliance of the product made the work easy. Their campaign raised over $839,000 in pre-orders on Kickstarter.

At Orabrush, we launched our second product via Indiegogo. Extensive customer feedback told us there was a strong market for a dog tongue cleaner. We call it Orapup. We raised $62,000 in a month, and pre-sold $750,000 worth of product before shipping just a few months later. 

I wrote, produced, and directed this campaign video for Plugfones second product. The campaign was a huge hit, generating over $427,000 in presales during the Kickstarter run.

If a wedding and marriage weren't challenging enough, my wife Beccy and I did something completly different. We crowdfunded a film about living entirely on the new currency Bitcoin for over 3 months. The campaign raised $73k on Kickstarter and even more via outside sponsors. 

My involvement was minimal, but this was a lot of fun, and a very worthwhile project. Beehive Startups raised over $12,000 to replace a 15-year-old entrepreneur's stolen beehives. I love how the entrepreneurial community in Utah banded together to fix this.